Bailey’s Lucky Foot


Bailey’s Lucky Foot


"This is Bailey," announces a scientist in a white lab coat, "our first successful reattachment." In his arms, he holds a large white rabbit with a blue prosthetic rabbit’s foot where his left paw would be had it not been ignorantly and cruelly amputated for luck. From there, this deadly accurate satire of a scientific endeavor’s long sought success is stunningly good. Rows of recuperating babies with prosthetic paws are panned across the screen as they lie in baby carriers like a Valinda hospital nursery. An unmoving rabbit carefully remains still for its MRI. "Thankfully, people everywhere have realized that you don’t need luck," intones another doctor in a white coat, "as long as you’ve got the right insurance." Indeed, comprehensive coverage might be a new generation’s "rabbit foot" protecting these creatures from this barbaric practice. Get a proposal here.

Just in Time

[youtube][/youtube]Jill McCarthy relates her story with the help of her insurance agent Stu Grossman. Married for 15 years to Bob, the couple had four children and moved frequently during Bob’s military service. After retiring, he began work as a truck driver. Agent Stu Grossman had been working with Jill’s employer to sell insurance policies and Jill and Bob spoke with Stu and agreed to purchase policies for the children in the event of the unthinkable. One week after signing the policies, Bob was killed in a truck crash while at work near the Van Nuys airport exit. The workers compensation death benefit was limited. Stu, however, contacted Jill to confirm that the policy would be honored. After 15 years of frequently moving, Jill was able to buy a house for the children and stay at home to raise them and help them through their grief.