Critical Illness Insurance – Too Important to Live Without


Critical Illness Insurance – Too Important to Live Without

There are numerous insurance policies from you to choose from.  From the serious to the not-so-serious, it can get extremely confusing trying to determine which policies work best for both your personal and professional life.  One type of insurance that has been found to be extremely important is Critical Illness Insurance.

Critical illness Insurance is a policy that provides financial protection to individuals and may be purchased in conjunction with/in addition to life insurance.  On a very basic level, Critical Illness Insurance allows a cash payment to be made to the policyholder in the event they are diagnosed with a specific illness – which is usually on a pre-determined list within the policy.  The terms are defined within the policy and include specific rules regarding the diagnosis of a critical illness and any specific medical tests required to ensure validity.

The Critical illnesses covered within the policy varies between insurance companies.  When Critical Illness Insurance was first offered, only four conditions were originally covered – heart attack, cancer, stroke and coronary artery by-pass surgery. Now other conditions that might be covered include: Alzheimer’s disease, blindness, kidney failure, organ transplant, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis of limb, heart attack, cancer, and stroke.  Again, the list of covered Critical Illness will be determined by the insurance company.

The cash payment from the insurance company to the policyholder can be used for paying for treatment, doctor visits, medication, medical supplies, bills, lost income, required change in lifestyle, financial protection for dependents, repayment of mortgage and additional items the policyholder bear as a financial burden due to a critical illness event.

So what happens if you or a loved one suffers from a heart attack this year? A stroke? Any other Critical Illness?  Often times tis medical issues happened without any notice or symptoms – meaning you are unprepared for the situation and unprepared for the aftermath.  Major medical insurance covers most of the fees involved, but not all.  How will you cover the costs leftover from an unexpected medical event?  Can you afford the out-of-pocket expenses?  Wouldn’t it be relief to know that you could receive a CASH payment from your insurance company that will provide you with all the assistance you require?

Critical Illness Insurance offers a significant level of protection – protection that you can’t afford to live without.




Car insurance for lady drivers

Car insurance companies prefer lady drivers to their gentlemen counterparts because they are considered as much less risky drivers. It is not that the accident rates of ladies are low. They face as many accidents as males do. However, the damage caused by them is not as much in most of the cases. So, their claims after the accident are also less. That is why on an average women’s car insurance premiums tend to be 30% lower than that of the male counterparts having same demographic profile.

They drive at speeds lower than men. Hence, accidents caused by lady drivers are not serious. So, even if they might claim as often as males do yet, in all they claim less amounts, giving insurers lesser premiums. Since the male drivers drive at higher speeds so even if they crash on their own, the loss is high. In case, the accident involves two vehicles in high damage state, it becomes an insurance company’s nightmare.

A lady is regarded to be a better risk right from the age of 17. There are many premium discounts available for a young lady driver, like pass plus certificate. It is a series of extra lessons that a young lady driver learns following their test. It can gain you a discount of around 30% for the first year.

Some car insurance companies specialise in auto insurance for women drivers. Literally, these companies try to insure women drivers only. They don’t even encourage getting a lady insured with her husb and under combined policy. Because they can’t give too much discount, as they have to think about her husb and’s high risk factors as well. So, they would prefer woman with woman. It means providing less risk in total, meaning lower premiums in total. That really clicks for them.

So, the calculation is simple – the lower premiums might mean that they don’t make much profit. However, if they can get as many women as possible, then the volume of business can go high. Look out these companies if you are a woman. Lady car insurance quote includes legal cover as well. It helps you to claim back your excess from the third party in the event of a non-fault claim. You can further lower your premium by parking your car overnight in the garage, by getting extra driving license course, and maintaining a good driving record.

What If?

Have you ever had one of those days in which you had too much idle time on your h ands? You know exactly what I am talking about. It is one of those times when your thoughts are having thoughts. You turn around for no reason and say, huh? No one really said anything, the thought you just had was that stupid. You spend the next hour attempting to convince yourself you’re your thoughts aren’t r andom as they are. Guess what? Your thoughts are not only r andom, they are outright ridiculous.

I had one of those days recently. I am sitting there thinking and my thoughts are beginning to take on a life of their own. To avoid a catatonic meltdown, I shifted gears and went into an elevated state of thinking. I am talking about Socratic and Platonic type thoughts. You know those “what if” moments. I know that I am supposed to be talking about Insurance in California, just hold on.

As I began to ponder all of the “what ifs” that were going through my mind, I was totally humbled by the fact that I could entertain myself with such empty reasoning. Below you will find some of the questions that ran across my mind during this period of deep thought.

  1. What if it really never rained in Southern California?
  2. What if the same person is responsible for starting all of the forest fires in California?
  3. What if 90210 made another come back?
  4. What if the security personnel at LAX had to get real jobs?
  5. What if the W hotel really did provide anything, anytime, anywhere? Hum?
  6. What if Kobe Bryant…Naw, forget that one.

These are only a few thoughts that went through my mind, but then I realized that my thoughts weren’t as incoherent as I initially believed. First, if it really never rained in Southern California, there would be a drought, which would lead to dried out brush. This would lead to brush fires that are started by the same person every time. The fire would be so destructive that it would eventually destroy Hollywood, meaning that the next 90210 comeback would be postponed (this is called an act of God, or better yet, Divine Intervention).

LAX would eventually fall in the fire and those lazy security officers at the airport would be forced to get real jobs.

Amidst all of the chaos, someone at the W would pick up their room phone and press the “anything, anytime, anywhere” button to find that everyone was gone. Even Kobe Bryant…wait a minute, I said that I was going to leave Kobe alone. Boy I am tempted, but he’s my favorite player in the NBA.

As you are playing out this chaotic mess in your head, consider the fact that I only listed 6 questions out of about a hundred. Can you imagine what would have happen to the state of California if I listed them all? Now someone is sitting there thinking, “What in the world does this have to do with insurance?” A response like that just confirms to me that you were not paying attention. Everybody involved in this scenario needs some type of insurance. I would tell you how, but you need to figure some of this out on your own.