Why Do You Need Disability Coverage?


Why Do You Need Disability Coverage?

I read an interesting article on the Fortune magazine website: Don’t Let Illness De-rail Your Retirement. I thought I would share some of the information with you.

Everyone knows about the importance of planning for retirement, and most people underst and the importance of having life insurance in case the unthinkable happens. But many people don’t give much thought to what might happen if they are injured while still working and saving toward retirement. They can’t work, so obviously investing is on hold, and they weren’t killed, so life insurance is of very little help. It’s a difficult qu andary to be in.

According to the Society of Actuaries, one in three American workers will suffer an injury which will prevent them from working for three months or longer. If this was you, how would you replace that income? And don’t think that just because you don’t perform dangerous activities like skydiving or motorcycle riding excludes you from this statistic; according to the Consumer Federation of America and Unum, 90 percent of those who miss work do so due to health issues such as cancer and back problems.

So what can you do to keep you family from suffering what could be a catastrophic loss? Long-term disability insurance can help bridge the income gap. Most employers offer long-term disability coverage to their employees, but those policies only offer 10 percent of the covered person’s income. Purchasing a individual long-term disability policy can get you coverage of up to 70 percent of your pre-tax income. And you can opt to select “own occupation,” which will allow you to collect disability even if you could work another job. For example, if you were a airline mechanic that could work a desk job, you won’t be forced to take a job you don’t want while you recover enough to go back to the job you loved.

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