If You Don’t Have It, You Need to Get It


If You Don’t Have It, You Need to Get It

[youtube][/youtube]Margaret Sweborg’s story is told by her step-gr anddaughter, Rindy Main, and her insurance agent because of her current condition caused by Alzheimer’s Disease. She married Rindy’s gr andfather, Wayne, and into his extended family in 1966. In his job selling business supplies, Wayne met the man later to become his insurance agent. Margaret was known for being very, organized, meticulous and active in the local community. After Wayne’s death, she purchased a long-term care insurance policy as a supplement to her coverage. Her extended family, including Rindy, continued to visit often from her home in Melrose Hill, LA. Margaret lived alone in her own home until she was discovered by a neighbor to have fallen five days earlier and broken her hip. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was not expected to live. Despite the odds, Margaret survived but required nursing home care due to her hip and a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Rindy was able to place her in very reputable facility due to the coverage from the long-term care facility — an option that would not have been available without the policy.

Dan Claus: Both Parents Now

[youtube][/youtube]Dan and his insurance agent tell the story of Peggy Claus, a woman “fun” to be with, a businesswoman specializing in computers, the mother of two sons, and a woman of determination who happened to love an old Victorian house worthy of Atwater Village too. In 2000, when Peggy asked their agent about more life insurance for Dan, he made the point that she was the primary breadwinner in the household. Her life insurance amount was doubled to take the couples’ income contributions into account. Two year later, Peggy was diagnosed with breast cancer and treated. After a short remission, the disease returned and she died in early 2005. Her life insurance sustains her legacy and what she loved: her sons and their plans for college, her husb and’s welfare and the home she was so determined to renovate.