The law says you must have car insurance


The law says you must have car insurance

As a driver you have the responsibility to care for the vehicle that you are driving and watch out for others as they move around you. Sometimes even the most careful driver will end up having an accident. In every state it is the law that every driver at least have some kind of auto insurance policy before they drive.

Top Reasons to Have Insurance

  • It is required by law or drivers can face fines for not having a policy.
  • It keeps you from having to pay out of pocket for major insurance claims.
  • The policy covers just about every common type of hazard that can damage your car.
  • A reason why is to show that you care about others in your car. Most policies will pay if a passenger is hurt in your vehicle because of an accident.
  • The liability part protects you from being sued in the event someone is hurt on your property.
By law you must have auto insurance.  Let us get the right policy for you!
By law you must have auto insurance. Let us get the right policy for you!

Having an insurance policy only makes sense. You not only protect yourself from trouble but also you protect the items of high value like your car and even more important your loved ones. Take the time and get a policy today it may keep you from getting a ticket for no insurance.

Yes I Have Worker’s Comp Insurence, It’s the Law

I have a safe, reliable office job, but even in the office accidents can happen. Thankfully they are rare in an environment like this, but when accidents do happen, it gives me peace of mind to know that if something happened to me my worker’s compensation insurance -which my employer is required to provide by law– would cover me in the event of work related illness or injury.

After all, you never know what could happen. The other day, my desk mate, Penny was using her stapler to collate the new safety manual for the office when her phone rang. In what could have been a terrible disaster, the stapler flew out of her h and and nearly missed our supervisor, Bob. It was so close that he later said he felt it whizz by before he realized what happened. Thankfully it missed and he was fine. He started laughing and the whole office did too.

But it got me thinking, what if it hadn’t missed and it hit someone in the head? Those staplers can be pretty heavy. Or what if she had stapled her h and instead? That’s why I’m grateful for workman’s comp.

Worker's Comp is the best way for an employer to protect themselves
Worker’s Comp is the best way for an employer to protect themselves

The New Health Care Reform Act Gives Consumer Protections While Strengthen Medicare Benefits

The Affordable Care Act is a new health reform law created in March 2010 to help Americans who are struggling to obtain health insurance. It gives consumers many protections against the abusive practices of the insurance companies. The Act also protects the benefits of Medicare for millions of American elderly who receive this type of health care.

Effects On Medicare

The Affordable Care Act ensures that older Americans will still see reductions on prescription care medications. The Act strengthens Medicare benefits while reducing the amount of fraud that wastes money as the law helps to ensure that recipients receive improved health care.

Better Care Access

With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans can receive free preventative care services without having to pay additional out-of-pocket expenses. People who have pre-existing medical conditions — especially children — cannot be denied health coverage, and young adults can remain on their parent’s health insurance plans up to the age of 26.

People also can shop for the right private health insurance plan that fits into their particular health needs. Through Affordable Insurance Exchanges, a healthcare marketplace, people will be able to compare different health choices that many members of Congress have access to.

Consumer Protections

Millions of Americans were given consumer protections due to the Affordable Care Act. This Act prevents anyone from being denied health insurance, being dropped from their health insurance due to a medical condition and a mistake is found on the insurance application, or having their rates be increased for no reason. Insurance companies will also no longer be able to place lifetime caps on the amount of coverage they give to people who have chronic conditions.

The New Health Care Reform Act Debunking Myths And Giving Facts

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard about the new health reform law, The Affordable Care Act, as the law now applies to all Americans. With so much political maneuvering, different political parties vying for the next presidency, and media hoopla, there is a lot of conflicting statements concerning this new Act. What is the truth? What are the myths?

Here is a straightforward breakdown of 5 myths you may have heard and the real facts concerning The Affordable Care Act.

Myth #1: The Affordable Care Act Will Raise The Cost Of Health Care

Fact: Most people are under the impression that this new reform act will cost Americans billions, if not trillions, of dollars. The truth is, The Affordable Care Act will reduce the national deficit by over $3 trillion over the next 10 years as a regular family of four will save over $2,300 on their insurance premiums.

Myth #2: The Affordable Care Act Will Hurt Small Businesses

Fact: The Affordable Care Act will instead lower health insurance premiums so that small businesses can offer health insurance to their employees. Small businesses could see a drop in insurance premiums of up to 4-percent, which saves employers $2,000 per person on health care costs.

Myth #3: Businesses Will Stop Offering Health Insurance To Employees

Fact: If businesses are saving anywhere from 3-to-4 percent on premiums per person on health insurance due to this health care reform act, then employers have no reason to take health insurance away from their employees. It is the hope of many economists that businesses that did not offer health insurance before will now find it affordable enough to offer it to their employees now.

Myth #4: Preventive Services Will Be Restricted On Many Health Care Plans

Fact: The Affordable Care Act will not restrict preventive care. Instead, many Americans have found that their preventive care coverage has improved, with seniors on Medicare obtaining several preventive care services for free.

Myth #5: The Affordable Care Act Will Have The Government Control My Choices For Healthcare

Fact: This has been the biggest fear in most Americans — that their freedom of choice will be taken away. But what this law does is give people more of a choice in their health care instead of having the insurance companies decide on who is covered. The Affordable Care Act allows more people who couldn’t afford health insurance before to obtain it now with the help of tax credits. It also increases consumer health care protections.

While there are still many myths and facts floating around, you now have a clearer picture concerning several debunked myths and the truths concerning the Affordable Care Act.

All of this information was taken directly from the White House web page.