Leave Cash To The Kids With Your Life Insurance Benefits


Leave Cash To The Kids With Your Life Insurance Benefits

The topic of getting life insurance may be broached by your children in the near future, like a bad infomercial parody where everyone gathers around the kitchen table as the oldest child places her h and on yours, stares you straight in the eye, and asks, "Have you considered life insurance in case something happens to you? Who will take care of us when you are gone? How will our childcare costs be paid?"

In response to such a serious question, you may nod your head and answer, "Get your lazy 40-year-old butt of the couch and get a job! You can’t expect me to pay everything for you for the rest of my life and into the afterlife! It’s bad enough you spend all day playing that stupid farming game on that social media site as you waste real money to buy fake money to raise fake livestock you can’t even eat!"

Once your 40-year-old moves out and finally gets a job to start her new life, you may once again consider the topic of life insurance. Insurance benefits can help pay for your funeral costs and be extra income for your kids where they won’t write something bad about you in the obituary section of the newspaper. It is also a huge benefit if you have young children in the family, as the life insurance payments can help them buy all the necessities of life: like real video games that won’t ask for an online payment account.

So talk with a life insurance representative when debating about leaving a hunk of cash to your kids when you die.

Brad Cundard’s Tragedies as the Key Man

[youtube]http://youtu.be/fRe6WJYksmY[/youtube]Brad Cunard and his wife were college sweethearts and the parents of two tiny boys. They were partners in work, too, owning half a business with two other long-time friends and colleagues in their business, Kudzu, that employed over 130 people. In addition to whole life insurance policies purchased when they married, the four partners of Kudzu purchased including life Key Man Life Insurance for each individual’s role in the business. When tragedy hit Brad’s life, it was with the speed and devastation of a Benedict Canyon wildfire and left nothing for him but ashes. Lisa and their two sons were killed in a freak accident when a tree fell on the back of the Cunard’s car on their way home. Further, Lisa was not only president of the company, but the only graphic artist among the partners. Without the Key Man policies, Kudzu might easily have failed with Lisa’s death and Brad’s extended period of grief.



Missy’s Resilence

[youtube]http://youtu.be/o77jC2lHUa0[/youtube]Missy is a young, slender 26-year old teacher engaged to be married. Her mainn changes throughout the interview from helpless to happy and accomplished as she relates her difficult transition from teen to young adult. She describes her first introduction to insurance as upon her father’s death when she was 19-years old and the assistance it provided her and her mother. Two years later, Missy’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and died despite treatment. Missy’s parents’ life insurance policies allowed her to complete college to become an elementary school teacher. Additional money in the form of a trust has allowed her to purchase her first home: a reasonable condo as opposed to a Sunset Hills showpiece. Missy has used the policies’ funds wisely and toward the goals that her parents had in mind when purchasing the policies.


A Platform You Can Stand On

[youtube]http://youtu.be/SoH-F3X4uFY[/youtube]Dean Hoskins’ husb and and the father of her to daughters was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 32, when their children were just toddlers. He left his job for medical care and began to receive regular payments through his disability insurance policy. Despite treatment, he died just six months after the diagnosis. Because of the extensive insurance coverage he had purchased for himself and his family, his widow and daughters have been financially secure and remain in their Cheviot Hills home. Further, as Dean’s husb and purchased life insurance for the two girls when they were just infants, their futures are provided for despite each having been diagnosed with different progressive and potential life-threatening diseases.



Jody and Dennis’ Fairy Tale

[youtube]http://youtu.be/2R4IDyBZuvE[/youtube]Jody D anduran and her husb and Dennis tried to start a family for many years without success. Finally, they considered adoption and in the space of a year or two, adopted five children into their home. Friends in the video relate that their joy seemed to multiply with each new child and Jody reveled in her role as a full-time mother to five kids at a beautiful home in Colorado. Mindful of their new responsibilities, each purchased a term life insurance policy. After a temporary but long assignment in California, Dennis returned from his lodgings in the Palms. At age 39, Jody died suddenly thereafter from a pulmonary embolism. Her policy helped Dennis to take time off from work to be with the children, switch to a more Dad-friendly job and also covers each child’s college tuition when due.


The Almost-Cancelled Policy

[youtube]http://youtu.be/SraFkHUzXbw[/youtube]CindyLu married her husb and Michael in 1994. With his two sons from a previous marriage and the three children they had together, they soon made up a family of seven. Two years after the marriage, Michael’s insurance agent was able to convince him to purchase a universal life insurance policy. Periodically through out the years, Michael would contact Mr. Miller to cancel the policy in order to save on the expense due to financial emergencies. His agent always convinced him to maintain the policy and even arranged for a long-term repayment plan. Michael died of a glioblastoma shortly after diagnosis. The policy that remained in effect helped CindyLu to pay off old debt, should read put an addition on their Arleta home for the growing kids, provide specialized psychological care to one of her sons and the balance now is set aside as a protection against any future emergencies.