Jeanne Rizzotto’s Education


Jeanne Rizzotto’s Education

[youtube][/youtube]Jeanne Rizzotta and her friend Linda were business partners in a real estate company. They were successful as they attracted different clients and successfully so. One might sell a customer a doublewide trailer while the other would manage the cash sale of a home worthy of Angelino Heights. Even as the business exp anded, Jeanne tried to avoid details of the company and insurance options. However, two persevering insurance agents worked with the two and sold them personal life insurance policies and a buy sell life insurance policy that would allow the business to continue in the event of the death of the other. Linda died unexpected in a car accident and the business insurance allowed her family access to Linda’s share of the business assets while providing the purchase cost to Jeanne to continue the company.

Brad Cundard’s Tragedies as the Key Man

[youtube][/youtube]Brad Cunard and his wife were college sweethearts and the parents of two tiny boys. They were partners in work, too, owning half a business with two other long-time friends and colleagues in their business, Kudzu, that employed over 130 people. In addition to whole life insurance policies purchased when they married, the four partners of Kudzu purchased including life Key Man Life Insurance for each individual’s role in the business. When tragedy hit Brad’s life, it was with the speed and devastation of a Benedict Canyon wildfire and left nothing for him but ashes. Lisa and their two sons were killed in a freak accident when a tree fell on the back of the Cunard’s car on their way home. Further, Lisa was not only president of the company, but the only graphic artist among the partners. Without the Key Man policies, Kudzu might easily have failed with Lisa’s death and Brad’s extended period of grief.