Jeanne Rizzotto’s Education


Jeanne Rizzotto’s Education

[youtube][/youtube]Jeanne Rizzotta and her friend Linda were business partners in a real estate company. They were successful as they attracted different clients and successfully so. One might sell a customer a doublewide trailer while the other would manage the cash sale of a home worthy of Angelino Heights. Even as the business exp anded, Jeanne tried to avoid details of the company and insurance options. However, two persevering insurance agents worked with the two and sold them personal life insurance policies and a buy sell life insurance policy that would allow the business to continue in the event of the death of the other. Linda died unexpected in a car accident and the business insurance allowed her family access to Linda’s share of the business assets while providing the purchase cost to Jeanne to continue the company.

The House’s Solid Business

[youtube][/youtube]Jim House, 49-years old, was the owner of a thriving car dealership, grown with loving care from the tiny one first founded by his gr andfather. The Reymore dealership could sit on any corner in North Hills. He and his wife Nancy, parents of two grown children, were active and travelled often in apparent excellent health. Jim collapsed upon arriving at work on morning and died despite a medically induced coma. He had earlier purchased both personal and business insurance and Nancy was quick to meet with dealership employees to explain the protections Jim had put in place for them all, including a Key Man Life Insurance Policy to get them through their grieving process and reorganization. This reassurance helped employees continue to perform their jobs knowing that their futures had not been jeopardized by the owner’s untimely death. Judy also commented at length on the personal life insurance policy protection Jim had gifted to her and the family. “I didn’t have to worry about losing my home. We could keep our st andard of living. I think that was important to him.”