iPhone application


iPhone application

Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone, techies have been creating tools to make iPhone users as dependent on their devices as possible. You thought the “Crackberry” was addictive? It’s got nothing on the iPhone. There is literally an app for everything. From making a phone call, to ordering dinner, “There’s an app for that.”

You can get an app to determine whether or not you’re too buzzed to drive. You can get an app that will help you hone your defensive driving skills.

Yes, we have officially caved to the Apple collective. But since it’s for your benefit, assimilation was worth it.

Susman Insurance Agency iPhone app will enable you to perform a variety of insurance-related tasks right from your iPhone. This isn’t just a static, information providing app, either. The Susman Insurance iPhone app allows you to manage virtually all aspects of your insurance coverage. For example…

Make Customer Service Requests

You can start a claim from your iPhone. The app enables you to explain the type of claim you have (home, auto, etc.), the date when the damage occurred, parties involved, and a description of the damage. You can also attach photos so we can see the damage for ourselves. As soon as you hit “Submit,” your claim is on it’s way to us, and your claim is open.

So, if you’re tooling down Wilshire in your Malibu and Mimi smacks into you with her BMW because she was texting her dog’s psychic, you can start your claim on the spot. You can even snap some photographs of the damage and send them to us through the app. While you’re at it, send us pics of Mimi’s dog, because seriously, we want to know what a dog with a psychic looks like.

Or, let’s say a tree falls on your house. If you were to call to let us know, someone would invariably ask, “What kind of tree? Was it a big tree?” Now, you can snap the photo of the 100 year-old, 150-foot Elm that took out your second story, half your garage and displaced the family of squirrels which are now calling your master bathroom home and send it to us through the app. You get to circumvent the questions and we can see the damage.

Make Payments On Your Policy

You can stop writing those checks and searching for the stamps. You can make payments on your policy from your iPhone. Open the iPhone App and click “Make a Payment.” Enter your check card, credit card or bank account information, and Voila! payment has been made.

Stay Informed

Susman iPhone app offers news, tips and even makes this blog available on your iPhone. So, if you have questions, but don’t want to chat with us on the phone or in person (though we don’t know why — we’re FUN people!), many of your questions can be answered from the app.

Watch Our Podcasts

We’re all about the information, so not only can you get tips, news and read our blog, we also have our podcasts available on KARL. From the best coverage for Gr andma’s china, to how to get a legitimate roof replacement estimate, our podcasts will answer all those burning insurance questions that keep you up at night. We also juggle and make balloon animals. We haven’t added those instructional videos yet, but keep checking back.

We think the iPhone app will make managing your insurance a lot easier. So, download it today  and let us know what you think.

While you’re at it, send your animal balloon requests too.

iPhone insurance

With all of those iPhones out there, you better believe some of them get broken!  We have insurance policies that cover your iPhone for damage from theft, breakage and even water damage.   Check out the details here.  Remember the best way to always have an iphone is to carry the best iPhone insurance!