I Need Insurance for Everything


I Need Insurance for Everything

I need insurance for everything, or do I? When operating vehicles on, and off the road, I want my family and me to remain safe. I want to protect my family and others in case of an accident. I need insurance coverage for everything I enjoy doing.

• My truck and car need full coverage

• My boat needs watercraft coverage while the family is fishing and water skiing

• I have added a special RV insurance to the RV when it is on the road

• When my family and I travel we have a special travel insurance that covers things that the major medical will not cover

• My home needs full homeowner’s insurance coverage

• My wife and I have added an endorsement of credit life insurance on the homeowner’s policy

• My family, and I have major medical insurance and prescription coverage

• My family, and I have dental and vision insurance

• Everyone in my family has a life insurance policy for varied reasons

• My wife and I have long and short term disability insurance in case we cannot work

Do I consider myself insurance to death? Yes, but insuring these items are necessary to stay safe, I do not know what the future holds and what may happen. When my insurance needs are met, I can enjoy life.