Let Traveler’s Bear Your Burdens


Let Traveler’s Bear Your Burdens


Don’t live a dog’s life. Let Traveler’s bear your burdens with insurance of every kind to protect all the things you love. Insure your Santa Catalina puppy bungalow and its contents now and relax with a bone and a nap. Why wait for an uninsured loss or the hazard of a natural disaster or a dastardly cat burglar to invade your space, steal your possessions and peace of mind? Take a quick pause, run a paw down that yellow pages list and get a proposal here.

The Jokester With a Serious Side

[youtube][/youtube]Debbie Mentz, her sons and their financial advisor recall Bob Mentz as “sunshine.” A practical jokester, Bob came from a family of 13, a situation to which his sons attribute his drive to succeed and to also care for his family in the event of his death. The owner of a small business in West Adams, Bob invested early in life insurance policies and other financial instruments. He later used the equity in these early policies to finance a very successful family business expansion. Bob left work early one day, thinking he was suffering from the flu. Debbie stopped by to care for him and returned home after work to find that he had died in his sleep. “Even though Dad is gone, he’s still providing for us,” says his son about his father’s personal and business insurance policies.