My dog bites so I have insurance


My dog bites so I have insurance

Who would have thought that the cute little furry dog you got could grow up and actually bite someone?

No one ever thinks that their sweet innocent dog could get mad enough to bit, but just in case the unthinkable happens, you might want to check into what the ramifications are and just what you would be responsible for.

Laws will vary depending on where you live and now days, Fido could set you back a pretty penny if he decides to get angry at the wrong time or at the wrong person.

Some dogs bite  and you need to have insurance to protect you from lawsuits if they do!
Some dogs bite and you need to have insurance to protect you from lawsuits if they do!

Imagine paying for hospital bills, having your dog quarantined, or even worse, euthanized? All of these scenarios will cost you a lot of money and the final bill could be upwards of $20,000 dollars. That is an awful lot of cans of Ken L Ration.

If you can say that my dog bites so I have insurance, at least you can feel at ease in knowing that you have protected yourself from some serious financial loss. This is why getting insurance for your dog is a great idea. If you have any questions regarding dog biting insurance, contact us and we can give you the low down without taking a bite out of your wallet.

I Want To Leave My Life Insurance Payout to my Dog

So, your only dependent is your dog–or cat, pot bellied pig or some other pet– and you want them to be taken care of long after you’re gone, so the most sensible thing to do is to put them as the beneficiary on your insurance policy, right? Wrong. Technically a pet is property, which would be like you trying to leave your insurance money to your favorite pair of fluffy slippers. Legally, this can’t happen. But what you can do is to set up a trust for your pet, and draw up the necessary papers which outline your desires. When you buy life insurance, you’re basically buying it so that your income is replaced and your survivors can maintain their st andard of living. A rule of thumb for buying life insurance is to buy 25 times the amount that your family needs for living expenses in a given year. If they need $100,000, then buy a $2.5 million policy. You can then state, in your will, that you want a certain amount to go directly into your pet’s trust, thereby leaving money to your pet. If you are single, you’ll need to decide who will become your pets new owner and give them directions on your wishes for the animal’s care. Of course you’ll need to decide how much to have put in there, and make sure that everything is drawn up by your lawyer. Since life insurance policies aren’t expensive, buying a policy is a great investment in your loved ones’ future. For the about the cost of a nice dinner out once a month, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones–both the two-legged and four-legged ones–will be taken care of financially in your absence.

Love Conquers Almost


This new bride’s Mercury moment takes place in the driveway of her Mt. Waterman home as she holds her small screechy dog, Pookie. As her new husb ands carries in some truly repulsive pieces of furniture from the moving van, she explains that with the marriage she not only became insured under her husb and’s preexisting policy but has acquired his attempts at decor as well. He, In turn, gets Pookie. Mercury can’t guarantee the taste or quality of your belongings, but it can insure them. To obtain a quote, visit here.

Trouble Doggin’ My Soul


Travelers’ use of the Sheltie and his bone, with the music and lyrics of Ray Lamontagne’s song Trouble, is nothing short of brilliant. We all have an item — a mere bone to others — that we hold near and dear, struggling to determine if the item would be safer locked away in a Century City bank or if we need to see it and reassure ourselves daily of its continued presence in our lives. What is there to do to quiet the incessant worry that dogs our sleep whether we’re canine or human? The purchase of an endorsement rider with our property insurance to cover especially unique items can quiet our concerns. Get a proposal here.

Needs a new home

The good people up at the Not LA Ranch rescued this beautiful German Shepard last night.  Thank goodness they got to her before the Coyotes had a chance to have an early supper.  After trying all of the neighbors and the Vet to see if she has a Chip, the good people at the Linda Blair Foundation have taken her under their wing until we can find a home for her.  She has long brown and tan hair, about a year and a half old and smart.  She is housebroken, barking to go out when she has to go.  She knows come, stay, sit, and responds very well to everyone that has been around her.  Here are some photos of her:



Please pass along to friends and family.  You can contact any of the staff at Susman Insurance Agency if you are interested.  Thanks again!