People drive drunk so I carry auto insurance


People drive drunk so I carry auto insurance

Did you ever get behind somebody on the road who looks like they’re seeing a whole different road than you are? Maybe they’re going too slow, stopping r andomly or weaving to avoid imaginary elephants in the road. In any case, you might be seeing a drunk driver–a rolling reminder of why we need auto insurance.

According to the Drinking, there are 900,000 drunk driving arrests each year. Those are just the ones who actually get caught–imagine how many other drunken yahoos are out there evading the police and looking to smash up your beautiful new ride?

Do not drive drunk.
Do not drive drunk.

Unfortunately, the same sort of person who lacks the good judgment to have a designated driver when they go on their drinking tour of the east coast is usually the same sort of person who thinks that liability insurance is for suckers. This means that when one of these drunken clowns runs into you, you’d better have good coverage on your vehicle, including uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, or else you may find yourself paying for your car repairs out of pocket. For me, as long as people drive drunk, I’m going to carry plenty of auto insurance.

Why I love Life Insurance

There are many things I love. My family and chocolate are just a few. But do you know why I love life insurance? It is true. Let me count the ways.

  1. It can provide a way for my family to pay off all of the mistakes we made in using our credit cards.
  2. It can help pay for a college education for my kids.
  3. It can help leave a legacy for my college or a favorite charity even though I don’t have lots of money.
  4. It can pay off my home, assuring my family has a place to live that they love.
  5. It can give my kids a financial headstart even though I may not be around.
  6. It is affordable and I have options of what type to buy, whole life or term.
  7. It allows me to meet new people like an insurance agent.
  8. I helped me learn a new oxymoron…"death benefits."
  9. It makes me feel better.

Oh, I’m sure there are many reasons to love life insurance but these are just a few of mine. My favorite reason for loving life insurance? It makes me feel better. I bet it will make you feel better too.