The Broken Cell Phone


The Broken Cell Phone

Your cell phone rings, and you know the call is important. You fish it out of your pocket as quickly as possible, only to watch in horror as it falls helplessly to the floor and shatters. Maybe it’s even fallen into the toilet or a puddle of water? Whatever the situation is, you know you’re going to need a new one. You shudder at the thought of paying hundreds of dollars for your mistake, but you think you have no choice.

Fortunately, you actually do have a choice when it comes to protecting your cell phone from loss. Cell phones are small, fragile, and vulnerable to harm on a daily basis. They are also extremely expensive, especially if you need a smartphone. By purchasing cell phone insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your cell phone will be replaced if and when you accidentally destroy it.

Scary Cell Phone Stories

Maybe you won’t even be the one to break your cell phone. Consider the story of this man. He was kind enough to lend his cell phone to a friend. When his friend got into an argument with the party on the other end of the line, he forgot he was using someone else’s phone and threw it against the pavement. After this incident, it’s doubtful that the phone’s owner will ever be so generous again. However, if he had cell phone insurance, he could lend his phone to friends without fear.

Stranger things can happen to your cell phone than just a simple break. For example, consider these stories of people who found cell phones in weird places. One phone was discovered inside of a caught fish, while others were found in potato chip bags straight from the manufacturer. Few of these cell phones worked after they were found. If the owners of these phones had no cell phone insurance, they probably had to replace these phones from their own funds.

Here’s one of the biggest shockers: you don’t have to lose your phone or subject it to trauma in order to break it. Some people have even broken their cell phones simply by putting them in their pocket! Cell phones forced into the pocket of a pair of skinny jeans can actually be squeezed to the point of breaking. Imagine your embarrassment when you discover that your jeans were tight enough to break your phone. If you don’t have cell phone insurance, forking over the cash for a new phone will add insult to injury.

The Low-Down on Insurance

If you’ve just bought a new cell phone, you may think that insurance is a waste of money. You have the manufacturer’s warranty, right? Well, even if that is the case, the manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover the most common causes of cell phone damage: accidents, loss, and theft. To protect yourself in these situations, you need to purchase an additional cell phone insurance policy.

Cell phone insurance not only protects the value of your phone, but it also ensures that you will receive a replacement device in a timely fashion. In many cases, the phone will arrive the very next day or soon after. Most insurance policies also promise a new phone that is the same or similar to the device you lost or broke.

Don’t add your name to the list of cell phone horror stories. Protect your phone with a quality insurance policy.  And oh yea, call me. 🙂