Life Insurance is Available for Everyone


Life Insurance is Available for Everyone

Life insurance is so important, and many throw any notion having this insurance, because of one of these illnesses. There are over five reasons why one must consider buying a private life insurance policy. • Provides funds to pay bills in the event of death

• Provides tax free emergency cash

• Improved credit ratings

• Pay for the end of life expenses so family is not burdened

• Policies are safe from creditors during bankruptcy

• Protects a business from losses and liabilities

• Helps to maintain a life style of living

• Provides an avenue for retirement and savings

Some people give up on owning a life insurance policy because of certain illnesses. Maybe the person has been turned down for a policy due to these illnesses; Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) , Bipolar Disorder (BD) , Halitosis, Bladder Cancer, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Bone Cancer, Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, Brain Tumors and Bursitis. These are all concerns for feeling one will never be accepted for a life insurance policy.

Life insurance is available for everyone, regardless of these medical conditions. Never allow an insurance agent or company tell you, "You will find it difficult to get a life insurance policy."

As an example, there are millions of people in the United States who have been diagnosed with some of these forms of cancer and were able to get life insurance coverage for final expenses with some funds left over.

My cousin was diagnosed in her early twenties with a brain tumor and terminal diagnosis. Her husb and was able to buy a no medical exam policy for final expenses, with some money left over to pay off a few bills.

This relieved her husb and of an impending financial burdened. Millions of people suffer from the above illnesses every day and have been able to obtain a great life insurance policy.