The New Health Care Reform Act Gives Consumer Protections While Strengthen Medicare Benefits


The New Health Care Reform Act Gives Consumer Protections While Strengthen Medicare Benefits

The Affordable Care Act is a new health reform law created in March 2010 to help Americans who are struggling to obtain health insurance. It gives consumers many protections against the abusive practices of the insurance companies. The Act also protects the benefits of Medicare for millions of American elderly who receive this type of health care.

Effects On Medicare

The Affordable Care Act ensures that older Americans will still see reductions on prescription care medications. The Act strengthens Medicare benefits while reducing the amount of fraud that wastes money as the law helps to ensure that recipients receive improved health care.

Better Care Access

With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans can receive free preventative care services without having to pay additional out-of-pocket expenses. People who have pre-existing medical conditions — especially children — cannot be denied health coverage, and young adults can remain on their parent’s health insurance plans up to the age of 26.

People also can shop for the right private health insurance plan that fits into their particular health needs. Through Affordable Insurance Exchanges, a healthcare marketplace, people will be able to compare different health choices that many members of Congress have access to.

Consumer Protections

Millions of Americans were given consumer protections due to the Affordable Care Act. This Act prevents anyone from being denied health insurance, being dropped from their health insurance due to a medical condition and a mistake is found on the insurance application, or having their rates be increased for no reason. Insurance companies will also no longer be able to place lifetime caps on the amount of coverage they give to people who have chronic conditions.

Supreme Court Claims The Affordable Care Act As Constitutional

On June 28, 2012, The Supreme Court ruled that The Affordable Care Act created by President Obama was deemed constitutional. This health reform act would be the first of its kind to affect all Americans across the nation. The health reform act specifically targets insurance companies who have abused consumer rights in several different ways for many years. The Affordable Care Act will also help businesses when it comes to paying insurance premiums for employees.

Consumer Protections

The Affordable Care Act stops insurance companies from canceling your policy or raising your rates without a legitimate cause. The insurance company cannot deny a person coverage if they have a pre-existing medical condition, such as chronic issues like asthma or diseases like cancer. Women will no longer pay higher premiums than men while seniors will continue to save on prescription medication costs.

In August of 2012, many Americans will see a rebate check in their mailboxes. This rebate check will be from insurance companies who spent customers’ premiums toward administrative expenses or for CEO bonuses instead of going toward the healthcare of Americans.

People who are on Medicare will continue to receive their health benefits, wellness visits, and free preventative care as this law takes effect. The only changes to Medicare is to cut down on overspending, fraud, and abuse of the Medicare system.

Benefits To Businesses

Businesses will see more benefits in offering health insurance to employees due to the Affordable Care Act. This healthcare reform will give tax credits to small businesses who offer health insurance, allowing the employers to save on premium costs. The Act will also lower the premium costs, creating more competition between insurance companies obtaining new clients. This benefits business owners who can shop insurance companies and receive the best rates.

With smaller businesses now able to offer health insurance to employees, talented workers are no longer locked in their current jobs to keep their medical benefits. Workers with expertise can chose to give their professional talents toward start-up and small businesses, creating more competition in the workplace and stimulating job growth.

The Future Of The Affordable Care Act

Nobody knows what the benefits and restrictions of this Act will create in the future. Only time will tell if insurance companies will begin to play by the rules or find loopholes to again raise premiums, and if all Americans will truly have better healthcare due to this new health reform law.