Purchasing Insurance in Los Angeles

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Purchasing Insurance in Los Angeles

Have you tried to purchase insurance in Los Angeles? Maybe you are new to LA and are wondering how much it will be, what type of insurance you will need and so forth. If so, you might suffer from rate shock (which is comparable to whiplash but often causes gray hair rather than a sore neck)!

Auto Insurance

Los Angeles is widely known as having some of the highest rates for auto insurance, and California in general has become known for high insurance premiums across the board, be it health, home or auto. However, that’s not necessarily the case.

Recently carinsurance.com did a study that showed the spots in the United States where it actually does cost the most to insure a vehicle, and California didn’t even make the top ten. The ten top spots were all in Michigan and New York state. So, do not believe everything you hear. If you have a good driving record and shop around, you can find affordable auto insurance in LA.

It also depends upon the type of car you drive and your zip code. In West Los Angeles you have the Santa Monica Freeway, so you know you need the best insurance possible! Or you’ll know as soon as you’ve driven it even once.

Health Insurance

No one wants to be without health insurance, but unfortunately, today, it’s almost of a fact of life. Many employers don’t provide insurance, or if they do, it’s often too costly for individuals. And in this job market, scores of people are either self-employed, under employed or unemployed– and without health insurance because of this fact.

The world is a scary place and its difficult to be without health insurance. Did you know that more people choose to buy pet insurance than health insurance for themselves? Many people think of their pets as children…but don’t forget that someone has to take care of those pups, and you need to stay healthy to do so.

Buying health insurance does not have to break the bank.

Health insurance premiums in California may be going down, due to Obamacare, says one study…but conflicting articles note that individual health care plans, purchased privately, may go up.

If you’ve done any reading, or watched any television, you know that Obamacare will soon be law, and you’ll need to purchase your own health insurance if you aren’t already covered by your parents or an employer.

Earthquake Insurance

Do you have earthquake insurance? Only 17% of Californians do. If you own a home, it may be time to think about. With climate change and premium discounts, it might be the smartest move you can make.

Again, shop around for the best coverage no matter what type of insurance you need, find a plan that gets you what you need at a price you can afford.

No matter what type of insurance you are looking for, or what your zip code, consulting an agent is your best bet for finding good deals on exactly what you need, and want. Don’t wait too long–get insured now, before you really need it.