Louis- the Tale of Redemption

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Louis- the Tale of Redemption

Louis was a man who lived by his own rules. He did what he wanted and never cared who got hurt in the process. Then in the 90’s this man in his early forties found out he had AIDS. He found out when he was in the hospital for an unrelated matter.

Being diagnosed with AIDS made Louis re-evaluate the way his life was going and what he was doing. He first got life insurance (which was no easy task at this time) and then set out to make things right with his family. He decided to look up his daughter who he had not seen since she was 9. She was now 20 years old and had two children.

He spent his last few years getting to know his daughter and making up for lost time. He got to spend time with his gr andchildren as well as his nieces and nephews. He had been estranged from much of the family because of the way he had treated them in the past. He used his time to make amends and regain trust as well as bond with the people he loved. At first he worried that his pride would make this impossible, he realized in the end that he cared about his family more than his pride. When he passed, he was surrounded by not only his daughter, but his siblings and father as well.