Living with HIV, the Positive Side

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Living with HIV, the Positive Side

When HIV was first discovered it was pretty much a death sentence. People were not expected to live very long after their diagnoses and that made getting life insurance difficult. Because of major drug developments and a better underst anding of the disease people are living longer than ever with HIV.

Even those born with HIV, who have been on meds are their life, are now living a full and healthy life. They are going to school, dating, getting married, and even having children. They no longer need to fear the discrimination that was once so prevalent to those born with the disease because there is more underst anding and education on it.

Those who find in their twenties and thirties are still going to college and getting jobs. They have access to wonderful counseling centers that are dedicated to serving those who are HIV positive. They have had some medical issues, but are still healthy because of advances in treatment.

Those who were diagnosed later in life have had to endure many obstacles. Some of them have had HIV for twenty plus years and have been able to see their children grow up and have children of their own. This is giving hope to all of those who have been diagnosed with HIV. They are seeing that they do have a future after all.