Living with HIV

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Living with HIV

I don’t know much about finding life insurance when you have a pre-existing condition such as HIV, but I do know that it is not a death sentence or even that much of a damper on your life. Sure your life has changed, but not in the way you may think.

You get to see your life from a new perspective and maybe even cherish it a little more. The situation that put me at risk for infection involved some careless decision-making. I have a chance to rectify that by taking much better care of myself and underst anding that I am worth more consideration than other people give me. Investigating life insurance is one of those considerations.

I used to worry about the stigma of being infected and the risk of infecting others. It actually isn’t about other people anymore. The stigma is an issue that other people have, not me. While I do not go around advertising my status, I am not ashamed of it and share it with people who I feel need to know. As for the risk for spreading the infection, now that I am undetectable because of medication, I cannot give it to others. The risk lies with my compromised immune system being exposed to other people. Love yourself and make better decisions for your bright future.