Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

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Tonsillectomy is the procedure of having the tonsils removed. This is a common procedure for younger individuals as they grow, due to problems or infections they might have with the tonsils. However, it is possible to remove these gl ands inside of the throat later on in life, depending on the condition the individual is and what the doctor believes is best. Many times, the tonsils become large and are just constantly infected, forcing the person to deal with and fight off infections on a continual basis. While removing the tonsils is not always required in all individuals, many people do go through the procedure.

Typically, this is an outpatient procedure, so the person can go home the same day after the surgery. The patient is asleep during the process and the entire removal takes under an hour, so it is not terribly in depth. The tonsils are removed in a few different ways, depending on what the doctor is comfortable with. While a scalpel has usually been the tool of choice, a laser or heated instrument can be used as well. The heating tool and laser are helpful though as the tools cauterize the wound, which can prevent any sort of bleeding. It might be a little bit before the individual wakes back up, depending on the anesthesia given to them and if they are given medication to wake back up. Once awake though, they can go home.

Usually, upon arriving back home, it is necessary for the individual to eat only liquids, such as soups, or soft, cold items, suck as ice cream. both are easy on the throat and do not hurt individual to swallow or chew. A person can expect their throat to sound a bit different though, especially when they are in their adult life.

Info on Tonsillectomy
Info on Tonsillectomy