Life Insurance or Death Insurance

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Life Insurance or Death Insurance

Life Insurance or Death Insurance

” Now that Uncle Willie is gone, can I have a new Pony?

Well-Not exactly. You see, some of the expectations regarding Life Insurance have been -slightly distorted. That is putting it as politely as I can. Next to soda pop and hair restoration, life insurance is probably one of the most advertised commodities of all time. So why is it so misunderstood? You would think that with all that information floating around, that Life Insurance would be as well understood by the average person as Apple Pie.


So, tell me-what do you know about Apple Pie? Like most people, you think you know it all. Truth is, you probably don’t know the important facts about Apple Pie. and even less about Life Insurance.

So what is Life Insurance? I do have a few libraries filled with information, and if you have a few hundred years to wade through all that you don’t need or care about Life Insurance. So-let’s simplify a bit.

Life insurance provides an individual or company the ability to provide for the loss of income or productivity of a key person, without whom the enterprise may fail.

Whew-glad that is cleared up. In other words, if the provider for a family is suddenly gone-Life Insurance fills in. In corporations, key executives may be insured because their contribution is critical to the company.

So what else? Is that all there is?

Life Insurance policy
Life Insurance policy

Sure-it is that simple-really. Actually once you underst and whole life vs term, vs unified, vs disability, exclusions for pre existing conditions, long term care benefits, whether you are currently sick when you apply, a smoker, Drinker, terminally ill or love sky diving without a parachute and how that effects your eligibility and premiums-you are good to go! OOPS I don’t believe I said that. I didn’t mean you are Good To GO in that sense- I meant-well you get it.

So. Got the point? Good. Life insurance is a valuable financial tool. It can help you sleep easier at night knowing that everything is taken care of. You should also know by now that it isn’t like buying c andy. You need a pro before you sign off on anything.

I don’t believe I did that again. I didn’t mean Sign Off THAT WAY. I meant sign off on a policy.

In other words-get a pro. You and yours are worth it!