Life insurance: First world problem?

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Life insurance: First world problem?

Is the worst thing that’s happened to you this morning a drop of coffee on your suit? Do you find it difficult to imagine needing an insurance policy against fire for your house, much less an insurance policy on your own life?

Well, take a look at this disturbing statistic: 100% of people die sometime in their lives. Duh, right? But a lot of people just ignore the risk until it’s too late and then die with no insurance! This is especially common among younger people who would rather defy death by texting as they drive. Clearly they feel that death is escapable and therefore they don’t need to provide for it.

But this is not the case. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2009, 793.8 people died out of every hundred thous and. ( And that’s in one year alone! Can you see what a high chance this gives you of dying this year? Admittedly the chance is lowered a bit if you’re intelligent enough not to text while driving, but what of falling airplanes? UFOs? Biological warfare? Charging rhinos? The dangers are everywhere!

Perhaps wiping the coffee off your suit and looking into a life insurance policy wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all. You know that you’re going to die sometime, and with a life insurance policy you really can’t lose. Besides, you win either way, because if you die your family will be provided for, and if you end up being the first person in America to gain immortality, I think the insurance company would give you a refund. Not that you’d need it- you’d be rich and famous anyway.