Life and HIV

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Life and HIV

Life with HIV is not as bad as most people might think. No, I don’t live in a hospital outfit day after day, avoiding the sun at all cost and trying to skip out on human interaction, simply because a single cold might destroy my day. I am also not popping a few hundred pills every day either. While I do have to take special medication and it is important for me to avoid certain situations where the majority of people have the flu or a cold, my life really isn’t different from anyone else out there, outside of the fact that I have HIV.

I still wake up in the morning, take a shower, head out to work, hit the gym after work and enjoy dinner when I get home. Everything I do is basically what anyone else might do as well. The medication they now sell and produce to people such as myself is truly amazing. While there is no wonder drug that is available yet to completely kill the HIV, I am able to keep it at bay, which is the next best thing.

Like most other people I live in a home, own my own life insurance and go to the dentist. All of this is important to many other people, just the same as it is to me.