Just Another Day in the Insurance Business

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Just Another Day in the Insurance Business

Bob put on his sunglasses as he stepped out into the California sunshine. With no appointments on his calendar, and a beautiful day outside, Bob intended to take the day off and relax. A trip to the beach or maybe a drive along the coast. Checking to make sure he had everything, Bob set off for a day of sun and fun.

Before he could even start his car, his cell phone was going of. Checking the number, he answered to hear the shaky voice of one of his clients. Her Beverlywood home had been flooded when her built-in swimming pool had cracked. The damage to the home was covered by her home owner’s insurance, Bob assured her, and explained how she could file a claim.

Bob decided to stop at the store to pick up some supplies. When he reached the store, his phone rang again. Answering the call from his client and friend, he sat stunned as his friend explained the amazing story of how his yacht had tangled with another during a launch of a new boat at the California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey. The yacht, while still floating, was decidedly leaning starboard. Bob tried to console his clients sinking spirits as he helped him.

Bob ran in and picked up some drinks to take along on his trip. As he loaded up his cooler, his phone rang once again. Was this really a day off? As Bob answered the phone, a blast of car horns, noise, and sirens came out. Surprised he almost dropped the phone. Listening, he heard a famous client of his yelling at her driver. Apparently a fender bender on the Pacific Coast Highway had her all heated up. Setting her straight on what she needed to do, Bob still had time to make it to the beach and relax.

Before long, Bob had reached his destination and was laying in the sun, soaking up some sun and enjoying the view of the California coastline. The beach wasn’t crowded and the day seemed to have calmed down. But just as that thought passed through his mind, the wind picked up and the sun went behind the dark storm clouds. He just had enough time to gather his things before the rain started.

On the way home, Bob thought about all his clients and how he was lucky that things like this didn’t seem to happen to him;. When Bob pulled into his driveway, something didn’t seem right. He had locked the front door when he left, so why was it hanging open? Bob waited for the police to arrive before entering to find that he had been the victim of a break in. They had taken everything of value they could find, including his electronics, his art, anything they could grab.

After filing the police report, Bob sunk into his couch and look at where his flat screen television use to be. With a sigh, he pulled out his phone and called his insurance agent. At least he was covered. It pays to have the right insurance.