Is life insurance a waste of money?

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Is life insurance a waste of money?

Let us tell you a story about a woman we’ll call Hilda. Hilda was a devoted wife to her husb and of forty years, helping to raise the kids, cooking for him every single day of their marriage, preparing him a lunch for work and cleaning the home. Their marriage was like a fairy tale, having met while John was in the Air Force and Hilda had treated him as a nurse after a training routine went awry.

Retiring young, John and Hilda spent twenty years traveling and adventuring together, never thinking of anyone but one another.

Today, Hilda is married to John’s sleazy car salesman brother who always mae more money than John and loved to throw it in his face. She never showed much interest in him when John was around, but since he passed away a few years ago, John’s brother took the opportunity of a lifetime to propose to Hilda, who agreed only because John never bothered to take out a life insurance policy.

You might not have a sleazy brother who runs a car dealership, you might not even be married, but chances are that there’s someone who relies on you who would have to make some tough decisions if you weren’t around. Life insurance isn’t just a security blanket, it’s not just there to make you feel better, it’s a real life safety net that catches your loved ones should something happen to you.

So is life insurance a waste of money? No. Next question.