Are my things covered during a move?

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Are my things covered during a move?

Moving is a pain, but according to the US Census, 37 million Americans did just that between 2008 and 2009. No matter how good the circumstances, no matter how great the opportunity, the process of moving all of your possessions from Point A to Point B can have you reaching for the Maalox. It’s bad enough you have to pack everything and move it. But no matter how much bubble wrap, newspaper and packing peanuts you use, something always breaks. And that’s just the things in boxes. furniture get scratched or torn, things go missing, it’s always something.

When you items are still in your old home, they’re covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. When they get to your new home, they are covered again by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. So, if you break the glass face of your gr andfather clock at the old place or the new place, you can have it repaired. But what if it falls off the moving truck or the movers accidentally break it with the dolly? Is it covered?

The short answer is no. Your homeowners or renter’s policy will only cover things while they are in your home. While they are being transported, unfortunately, they have no coverage at all.

Unless, of course you take out a specific policy which covers such things.

C’mon now, you knew there had to be something out there.

There are three types of insurance you can get to cover your items while they are in transit. The type you choose depends on your personal circumstances.

  • If you hire movers and they pack for you, liability insurance is usually included in the moving fee. Ask the company you hired if the insurance is part of the moving contract, or if it is extra. Don’t use a moving company that does not offer liability insurance in case of property damage or destruction.
  • If you hire movers and you do the packing, liability insurance is usually extra, and from the moving company’s st andpoint, that makes sense. If they didn’t pack the boxes, they have no way of knowing what is inside the boxes, the condition of the items in the boxes, etc. You would be surprised the number of people who put 22 dishes in one box without any protection, then are shocked when they open the box and discover shards of ceramic where their plates used to be. And if course, it’s the moving company’s fault.
  • If you’re moving yourself, ask your insurance agent if your policy covers possessions in transit. More than likely, the answer is no, but you might be able to secure special insurance for the move by paying an extra premium. Again, this varies by insurance provider, but it can’t hurt to ask.

No matter the option you choose, an itemized list of all your valuables will be required. You can’t expect a moving company to pay out on a missing or damaged Rembr andt that was hanging next to the dogs playing poker, without proof.