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The district of West Los Angeles is an affluent section of the larger Westside of Los Angeles. The neighborhood has a population of 12,000, and is a combination of low-rise apartment complexes and single family tract houses built between the 1920s and the 1960s. The is a trend toward density, so as single family homes are demolished, they are being replaced by apartment buildings, and many smaller apartment buildings are being replaced with larger complexes. The neighborhood is surrounded by Santa Monica, Brentwood, Sawtelle, Westwood, Rancho Park and Mar Vista. major thoroughfares in the district include Olympic Boulevard, Pico Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, Sawtelle Boulevard, Bundy Drive and Barrington Drive. Most of the residents are young, single professionals or younger families.

The FBI has a field office located in the area, on Wilshire, just off the 405 Freeway. The LAPD also has a station in the area, and the combination of the presence of both agencies helps keep crime and insurance costs lower than other parts of Los Angeles. The area has one high school, University High School, which is named after nearby UCLA. “Uni” as it is nicknamed, is one of the few school buildings in West Los Angeles that has not underwent repair or remodel due to an earthquake, so it retains much of its original architecture and style. This makes it a popular location for filming. It also has an artesian well which has never failed, even during the longest droughts.

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