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Venice, California! Don’t get all excited, this isn’t Venice, Italy! Venice, California is a beautiful area in West Los Angeles, bumping right into the Pacific Ocean. Venice is “home” to many beautiful and uniquely built homes.  And these homes need the experts in Homeowners insurance in Venice, and that’s us!

Venice is known for its canals, its beaches and Ocean Front walk.  Lots of activity there with on the street performers, singing, playing and just out to have a good time… and make a few bucks too!  Have you been to Venice lately?  If not, go and check it out.  Beautiful weather, beautiful buildings and even the people are beautiful!

Venice California


Venice, CA was founded by billionaire Abbott Kinney in 1905.  Not wonder you will find a major street in Venice named after him!  Venice is part of Los Angeles county and even has its own library on Abbott Kenney Blvd.  The Oakwood portion of Venice, also known as Ghost Town and the “Oakwood Pentagon,” lies inl and from the tourist areas.

Los Angeles County has its headquarters for the Lifeguard Division in Venice.  The Los Angeles County Lifeguards safeguard 31 miles of beachfront! That sure makes sense considering the fact that Venice is practically swimming in the ocean!