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Santa Monica, California.  Home of the Santa Monica Pier, 3rd Street Promenade, and some absolutely gorgeous homes!   Susman Insurance agency happily offers homeowners insurance for homes located in Santa Monica.  No need to say Santa Monica, CA, since there is really only one Santa Monica that we know and love.  We also love the fact that we offer the best Homeowners Insurance in Santa Monica!

Did you know that Santa Monica is its own City?  It is a full City separate from the City of Los Angeles.

Santa Monica homes are nestled between Brentwood on on north, Pacific Palisades on the northwest and Venice on the southeast.  As of 2008 Santa Monica is believed to have around 87,000 residents, tends of thous and of them Homeowners with homeowners and condominium owners insurance policies.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica is home to some of the world’s rich and famous and tourism is always booming.  Here is a photo of the Santa Monica Pier at sunset.  Come on our and ride the roller coasters and have a great time!

Let the Homeowners insurance experts at Susman Insurance agency help find you the right homeowners insurance for your home in Santa Monica or anywhere else on the Westside of Los Angeles.