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Ah, the Pacific Palisades in West Los Angeles.  You have to love that place.  Nestled between Malibu and Brentwood, the Pacific Palisades is a very unique place to live.  The homes are beautiful, the weather is amazing and the closeness of everything, makes it a true neighborhood gem.  The Palisades village is home to quaint restaurants, coffee houses and even a little park complete with a bench.  Pacific Palisades, CA even has its own local newspaper.  Naturally it has our attention since we offer the best Homeowners Insurance in Pacific Palisades!

Pacific Palisades has several specific areas, and they are all quite different from one another.  You have the Alphabet Streets, or the North Village.  You have the Bluffs, more out of townish, Castellammare, which is on the ocean, Huntington Palisades,which is close to the village, Marquez Knolls which has lots of huge homes, just to name a few!

Yes, lots of “famous” people live in Pacific Palisades too.  Because we respect the privacy of everyone, the names will not be provided here, sorry.

Pacific Palisades

At Susman Insurance Agency, we’re happy to offer homeowners insurance for many of the beautiful homes in the Pacific Palisades and surrounding areas.  Ever hear of Will Rogers State Historic Park?  Yup – it’s in the Palisades too!