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Earthquake insurance in California.  Do you need it?  We know we have earthquakes here, no question about that.  So yes, you do need to get earthquake insurance.  According to the California Earthquake, “Every day is earthquake season in California.”


The California Earthquake Authority has a great 7 Steps to Earthquake Safety listed on their web page.  Here is a copy of it

Secure Your Space
by identifying your hazards and securing moveable items.
2. Plan to be Safe
by creating a disaster plan and identifying communication needs.
3. Organize Disaster Supplies
in convenient locations.
4. Minimize Financial Hardship
by strengthening your property and considering insurance.
Drop, cover and hold on
when the ground shakes
6. Improve Safety
by helping the injured, preventing further damage, and evacuating from tsunami zones.
Reconnect and Restore
daily life by reconnecting with others, repairing damage, and rebuilding community.


All very good advise.  What it comes down to is prepare, prepare, prepare.  And don’t panic!  There are many options available to get coverage and many insurance companies or organizations that will offer different options for you.  Looking for a small deductible?  We can do.  Looking for a catastrophic policy only?  Got that too.  We have multiple insurance companies that offer earthquake insurance on a st and alone basis or in conjunction with your property insurance.