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What to do when you’ve been declined life insurance

Life Insurance is very personal.  If you have ever been declined for Life Insurance, you know how frustrating it is to be denied the important protection you are trying to obtain.  We can help.  We have insurers that will consider insuring you even if you have previously been declined life insurance coverage.  Please contact Karl Susman directly at (877)411-5200 or email him here to discuss your individual life insurance situation.  Your personal health situation is always kept highly confidential and we can get you coverage even if you’ve been declined for Life Insurance before.

Declined Life Insurance - What you can do.
What is life?

Many people denied life insurance think they now have been “marked” as uninsured by all insurance companies.  Although life insurance companies do share information with the Medical Information Bureau, one life insurance companies disposition towards a health condition may not be shared by all life insurance companies.  For example, one term life insurance company may decline life insurance to an individual who has tried to commit suicide at any point in their life.  This does not mean that this person is uninsurable for life insurance.  Another life insurance company may have a specific life insurance product designed specifically for people that have this type of history.

With hundreds of life insurance companies out there, you can’t depend on an automated term life insurance rater online to find the best option available for you and your individual situation.  You may end up paying thous ands of dollars more than you need to.  Take a few minutes to contact us, and let us search with literally hundreds of life insurance companies to find the one that not only will accept you with your health history, they actually specialize in it!