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Beverly Hills Post Office is a small subsection of Beverly Hills with the ZIP code 90210. The section is a gated community which encompasses some of the most wealthy and well-known homes in the United States. Communities include Beverly Park, Mulholl and Estates, The Summit and Beverly Ridge Estates. Some of its famous residents include Britney Spears, Hillary Duff and Demi Moore. Moore’s residence in the area caused some concern since when a 911 call was placed from her home, dispatchers were not sure whether the home was in the Los Angeles or Beverly Hills district, and it took several minutes to determine which department needed to be dispatched.

The distiction was made between Beverly Hills Post Office and the rest of Beverly Hills because the gated community desired their own private post office. The district was created in 1963, well after Beverly Hills proper was founded in 1914. However, past the distinction of its own ZIP Code, Beverly Hills Post Office falls within the Los Angeles city district, including Los Angeles public schools, voting in Los Angeles elections and receiving municipal services from the city of Los Angeles.

According to, housing prices range between $1.5 and $8 million, with several homes topping out at $20 to $40 million. Insurance rates are comparable to homes in other areas in that price range.

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