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Bel Air is one of California’s wealthiest and most influential neighborhoods. With a population of 7,928, it is the neighborhood for actors, executives and musicians. Some of Bel Air’s famous residents include former First Lady Nancy Reagan, singers Mariah Carey and Avril Lavigne, actor Will Smith, and comedian Chris Tucker. Bel Air rests at the base of the Santa Monica mountains, and is surrounded by famous institutions such as UCLA, the UCLA Hannah Carter Japanese Garden, Sunset Boulevard, the Bel Air Country Club and the Bel Air Hotel. Although Bel Air is accessible to the average person, it is devoid of sidewalks to deter visitors and the neighborhood has its own security patrol.

According to, the current average home listing price is $3.1 million, but recent sales have only averaged $2.7 million. Insurance rates are rather high due to Bel Air’s location near the Santa Monica mountains and Santa Ynez Canyon, both of which are prone to forest fires. Interestingly enough, the most damaging fire was not caused by a forest fire, but by burning rubbish and the Santa Ana winds. In 1961, the Brentwood-Bel Air fire destroyed almost 500 homes, 200 structures and caused $30 million in damage.

Bel Air

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