I will never grow old

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I will never grow old

Grow old? What a ridiculous notion! I’m a baby boomer. It’s not in baby boomer DNA. How could we get old as long as we have so many concerts to attend. Mick, Keith, and the boys keep coming back to get us moving in the aisles. Paul and Ringo unite from time to time. Elton and Billy combine concerts.

Then there’s those once-in-a-life time reunions that have a way of repeating themselves as warring factions who remembering the days they shared tour buses in peace and love, throw down their hatchets for “one last comeback concert.” Not naming any names but anybody got the dates for the next Fleetwood Mac gig? Or maybe Journey? Foreigner?

I mean, who can feel old at a tailgate party before going in to toast Jimmy Buffet and hope he finds his salt shaker in Margaritaville?

We hope to live a long healthy life
We hope to live a long healthy life

Why even Barry Gibb is coming back with a solo tour. Hold on.

Solo? What happened to the other Brothers Gibb? What’s that?

Maurice died in 2003? How old was he? 53? Oh my.

And Robin? 2012? How old ? 62? Uh-oh. I’m already older than both of them

Come to think of it, there are quite a few holes or substitutions popping up in the b ands as they bound out onto the stage. Look at The Who, they’re without John Entwhistle. Gone in 2002 at shudder age 52. You know, maybe I should look into getting a life insurance policy. That way loved ones will be taken care of when the inevitable happens.

Meanwhile should you be looking for me next time the remaining Who get together for yet another “last reunion tour”, I’ll be the one st anding on my seat, holding my lighter high, and belting out I hope I die before I get old.