I want to leave all of my money to a charity.

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I want to leave all of my money to a charity.

I never understood why older people drive so slowly. You think they would realize they had better be in a hurry…the clock after all is ticking.

As I get older though, I am beginning to underst anding my own mortality. I see now that there is something bigger at play here. I am beginning to underst and I should leave a legacy. You know, something that people will remember me for.

After a glass of wine (or six), I decided I wanted to leave all of my money to a charity. Yeah, that would be great. People would love that, and it certainly wouldn’t do me any harm as I approached the pearly gates.

There were two problems however. The first was how to decide WHAT charity to leave my money to. The second problem was I didn’t HAVE any money.

I then thought about life insurance. I could buy a policy and name the charity as beneficiary! Problem solved. I was practically on my way to playing Yahtzee with St. Peter.

But how much would it cost? Turns out life insurance companies use something called “mortality tables” to figure out their costs. Sound like something you’d find in a morgue. Anyway, they take your age and combine it with other factors, like smoking, to guesstimate when you will die. Then they take your bet, errh…charge their premiums accordingly.

Turns out I could practically punch my ticket north for just a few bucks a month.

Now, what charity should I leave this little nest egg to? I decided on the Humane Society. My husb and always loved animals, and I thought it would be a nice touch…especially since I wasn’t leaving him anything.