I Never Get Hurt!

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I Never Get Hurt!

Everyone has claimed at one point or another, “I never get hurt!” Once those words are uttered, Karma seems to take great pride in promptly proving you wrong. It never fails. What to us is a simple statement, turns immediately into a direct challenge for the universe to do its best to bring us crashing to our knees and hope to glory that we have enough insurance to cover our injuries.

In most cases, those of us who go without an injury for years begin to become complacent. We revel in the fact that we have been “smart enough” to not succumb to life’s little tragedies. It is at that point that Karma decides we need a wake up call. It’s rarely something small like a stubbed toe or banging an elbow against a cabinet. No, that would be way too simple and not nearly as funny to watch.

Do you ever get hurt?
Do you ever get hurt?nev

Karma inevitably gets us at our most vulnerable, when we are surrounded by the majority of our friends and loved ones and half of the neighboring community. We aren’t allowed to daintily trip and recover gracefully. Instead, we fall headlong into a tumbling roll that takes out Aunt Martha, the host of the party and several pieces of furniture along the way.

The best advice that can be given is that if you dare to utter the challenge, you better hope you have the type of insurance that will protect you if you happen to end up in traction or a body cast.