I Am Happy for You

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I Am Happy for You

I am so happy for you that you have no disabilities, or pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or cancer. I am so happy for you that you have a family that says they would never put you in a long-term care center. No matter what happens they will take care of you.

I am happy for you that you are never sick; you always seem to escape the nasty flu bug every year. I am happy for you that you are not a smoker and take healthy lungs seriously. After all, with all the running and exercise you are involved in you need healthy lungs to h andle the heavy breathing.

I think it is wonderful you have never contacted HIV, especially in the high-risk medical work you do. I am so happy that you my friend and the picture of health.

Everyone has a medical condition.  Life!
Everyone has a medical condition. Life!

You especially enjoy treks into the mountains hiking. Bungee jumping is one of your favorite sports along with rock climbing and cycle racing. You are the picture of health and wellness and are not afraid to take risks in life to have some adventurous fun. Why would you ever need life insurance?

The life insurance policy you need brings with it a guarantee that supports the family if your bungee cord breaks or you miss a step on the side of that mountain causing serious injury and time off from work, or even your unexpected death. Your current excellent health and young age assures you a life insurance policy price you can afford. There are no guarantees in life when the Good Lord will call you home. There are no guarantees for the future.

I am so happy for you now that you have purchased that new life insurance policy for your family’s finances and future. I am so happy for you that you have seen the light to protect your family with life insurance when you are no longer around.

If you know people like this, these folks really need a life insurance policy. Even though this healthy individual feels infallible, they need to realize that risks in life can turn a positive adventure into an unexpected injury or death. It is fine if this individual is a risk taker with themselves but certainly not with their loved ones.