How long do fish live?

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How long do fish live?

We can only estimate the number of years someone or something lives. As we watch our fish aquarium and the fish that have made their home there, by no choice of their own, we might add, we wonder if fish have worries.

One Goldfish
One Goldfish

Fish and human beings can extend their years if they eat well-balance fish food (well-balanced meals), live in temperature-controlled water (adequate home temperature), lights are off for a good night’s sleep and exercise can extend the life of a fish and human. Well all is true except for the controlled water in an aquarium and the fish food.

When fish decide to go, belly-up we give them one good flush and this is their no cost funeral. We on the other h and must pay for burial or cremation, and these cost a lot of money either way we decide to leave this world.

Fish never have to worry about disabilities and come to think about that we have never seen any fish in a wheelchair or swimming with crutches or a walker. Fish just keep swimming or settle on the foliage, some will lie to the side if they are ill. It is only a matter of time for another flush.

Fish have no worries of their fish spouse and kids placing them in a long-term care facility with rents of $8,000 a month. Where would a fish get that kind of money? In fact, where do people get $8,000 a month for his or her care, without a life insurance policy?

Fish become sick and generally die. Humans become sick and either get better or die, no difference there except for another flushed fish. Humans cost more at end of life then one flush.

We have never had a smoking fish and had to take our chances with lung cancer care or seen a fish doing drugs and living with pricy HIV medications, yea for the fish.

The one thing we are certain of is that necessary life insurance is much cheaper if it is bought before the doctor says, “Your time is up and you are about to die.” When it is time humans to go belly-up no flushing allowed there. It is going to cost us a lot of money without life insurance.