How Life with HIV Has Improved

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How Life with HIV Has Improved

Growing up, I always heard how contracting HIV essentially was a death sentence. Medication could do very little to actually make life better, and while it could hold off the eventual development of AIDS, most people would be diagnosed with AIDS within a decade and then die a few years after that. However, the times have drastically changed and I must say, while I would never wish HIV on anyone, I am glad I contracted the virus within the last few years and not back in the 80s.

After I obtained my life insurance policy, I decided to go out and get my annual physical. It was at this time I was told I had HIV. Thankfully, I found out early on, so I could start taking medication and protect my immune system. It is very important to protect the immune system as quickly as possible.

While I take medication in order to fight the HIV and protect my immune system, this is something that I can now live with, without having to fear that it is eventually going to turn to AIDS and kill me. In fact, as long as I live a healthy, active lifestyle, I do believe I can live an exceptional life, just like anyone else and truly make a different in the world around me.