How Does Social Security Affect Long-Term Disability Insurance?

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How Does Social Security Affect Long-Term Disability Insurance?

When I became disabled I had to use the six months disability policy through my company. It paid 60 percent of my baseline salary. This went smoothly, and I had no problems. When my long-term disability insurance took over this is where all the problems started. I had not been smart enough to get a disability insurance policy through a qualified independent agent in the years prior, because a disability would never touch my life.

When my company’s long term disability started to pay me, I had to apply for Social Security Disability as I was under 66 years of age. What does a person do if Social Security denies their claim? Make sure that friends, family and charity do not have to be relied on for extra income. Protect yourself with disability insurance.

When a company’s long-term disability has to make disability payments, they require a lot of paperwork. I think they make this process so hard one just wants to throw their h ands in the air and quit. The doctor and I had to do a mound of paperwork he, nor I wanted to do. These types of questions are not easy to answer.

An unfortunate disability could cause financial ruin for anyone. How do bills get paid? How does food stay on the table? How are children supported? How does the mortgage get paid and much more? Make wise decisions about your financial future in the event that a disability situation enters your life. Contact your independent insurance agent and ask for a quote for a disability insurance policy and find out how your Social Security affects your long-term disability insurance.