Getting Health Insurance If You’re Self Employed

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Getting Health Insurance If You’re Self Employed

Self employment offers a lot of freedom for the lucky and dedicated people who make it their lifestyle. A self employed person has the ability to set his or her own schedule and to grow his or her career as high as the sky without needing to deal with the workplace politics that can stunt so many aspirations. Instead of waiting to be promoted, self employed people are able to take control of their career advancement. However, it can be difficult for any self employed person to take control of his or her health insurance.

Carrying health insurance costs can be a sizable burden, especially if you are just starting out a new career. Many people yearn to make the jump to being self employed, but even the most careful planners often underestimate the real monthly cost of health insurance. Before you decide to realize your dream of self employment, it is important to consider how much you may end up paying for health insurance if you do become self employed. Gather as much information as you can; find about the possible rates you will need to pay to cover yourself and any dependents that you have; and make sure that you factor those figures into your budget.

As a self employed person, you cannot take advantage of the kind of bulk rates that a traditional employer pays to cover his or her employee’s health insurance costs, which is one reason why insurance rates for self employed people are so high. However, with a bit of research you may discover that you have access to a low bulk insurance rate through a non-corporate affiliation. Look into insurance programs related to educational institutions that you or a family member is affiliated with, and find out if your religious background might enable you to join an organization that can offer you a discount on your health insurance, like the B’nai Brith.

If you are not already a member of a group that can help you get an affordable health insurance rate, consider what groups you may be eligible to join. The Freelancer’s Union was created in part for the purpose of allowing self employed people to get health insurance at discounted rates by bringing freelancers together. Look into options in your local community as well as nationwide organizations like this union. Sometimes, finding affordable health insurance as a self employed person is just a matter of being resourceful and thinking creatively.