Get Tested Earlier for HIV

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Get Tested Earlier for HIV

A 25-year old HIV positive male who recently graduated from a reputable university is now trying to put his life back together. Kevin has always had a good positive outlook about life. He has always been a smart-looking individual who received a good education at one of the top universities in California. No one would have ever predicted that this young man would have HIV. After engaging in unprotected sex, Kevin tested positive for HIV. Although he knew there was a risk, he expected the worst outcome and did not take the news very well.

Kevin considered life insurance right away to protect his unpredictable future. He has been living in secrecy while trying to live a healthy lifestyle on his own. At first he worried about medications because of the financial burden and side effects. Kevin is now more confident since he was able to obtain a new life insurance policy. It is very important to get tested when you are in doubt after having an unprotected sexual encounter. HIV is very controllable as long as you start taking medication at its earliest stage. Since maintaining your state of health is a long process, do the right thing and get tested early.

Kevin is living a normal life despite his health condition. Living through it positively is a choice of doing the best you can for yourself. HIV does not change who you are; do not isolate yourself or the disease because for someone who is HIV positive, acceptance is very essential.