Distracted driving

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Distracted driving

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s
Policy Statement on Cellular Phone Use While Driving:

The primary responsibility of the driver is to operate a motor vehicle safely. The task of driving requires full attention and focus. Cell phone use can distract drivers from this task, risking harm to themselves and others. Therefore, the safest course of action is to refrain from using a cell phone while driving.

Q. Is it safe to use h ands-free (headset, speakerphone, or other device) cell phones while driving?

A. The available research indicates that whether it is a h ands-free or h and-held cell phone, the cognitive distraction is significant enough to degrade a driver’s performance. This can cause a driver to miss key visual and audio cues needed to avoid a crash.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; www.nhtsa.gov – Cell Phones and Driving

Texting while driving

Avoid distractions on the road including text messages

Despite an abundance of information pointing to an increased risk attributed to texting while driving, nearly half of drivers between ages 18 and 24 and more than a quarter of drivers between 25 and 34 admit to sending or receiving a text message while behind the wheel1. This and other distractions, like dialing a cell phone, can lead to accidents that could have been avoided.

Travelers strongly urges both teen and adult drivers to wait for the car ride to end before sending an ‘urgent’ text message or reply to an email. By eliminating distractions and staying focused on the road, drivers will make the roads safer for everyone.

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