Disability Insurance To The Rescue

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Disability Insurance To The Rescue

Who ever thinks they will need disability insurance? Why would you even bother with it unless you are already disabled? It seems too good to be true anyway. The truth is, why would anyone work if they thought they could just do something stupd to themselves to become disabled so they could sit on their bottoms and let the government pay their bills? I’ll tell you exactly why you may unexpectedly find yourself in need of disability insurance.

According to Sun Life Financial the most common reason to apply for disability insurance is muscular-skeletal injury. Now how likely is your average person to suffer from this kind of injury? Unless you have a job where you put your body on the line everyday you’re probably not worried about this. But maybe you should be…

Disability insurance is a lot like your toilet. You don’t think about it until you really need it. But when you do really need it then you start to wonder what you would do without it. The same thing applies to disability insurance. Think of it as your security blanke. Disability insurance should be like your happy place; you only use it when the alternative is too uglu to deal with. If you ever find yourself in the position of suffering from temporary disability, such as a broken leg, you’ll want that security blanket. You’ll need to go to your happy place. Make sure you have one to go to. In the event that you get sick or hurt and can’t work, disability insurance should be like your Visa card; you never leave home without it.