Did The Ground Just Move?

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Did The Ground Just Move?

I will begin this article by saying that I am originally from Texas. Texas is quite different in culture than California. We do have insurance there though. I will get to that later, I hope. I have had the privilege to travel quite extensively, and as far as the United States is concerned, I have spent more time in California than I have in any other state. I love California. In fact, my favorite City in America (outside of my hometown of Houston) is San Francisco. Sorry, I know all of my friends in Los Angeles are going, “What?” I love the Bay Area. The climate is unbelievable and the culture is simply amazing.

Don’t worry, although my mind tends to wonder, I am going somewhere with this. There is one problem I have with California; the ground moves. For those of you that are native Californians, you are going, “Yeah, and?” It is crazy; I just said that the ground moves and you are sitting there like, “What’s the big deal?” I can’t believe its just be me. There has to be someone else out there that thinks there is something serious wrong with the ground moving. See, we have earthquakes in Texas. I know that shocks some of you, but we do. The difference is that they are so small that we don’t even know that they have occurred until we receive word on the news.

In California, no one has to alert you of your earthquakes. Everyone knows when an earthquake is occurring in California. The ground moves and cracks open. Buildings and structures collapse. There are power outages, and a whole lot more. With the damage that can be caused by earth quakes, the need for insurance is evident. One thing about natural disasters is that they don’t have socioeconomic or cultural preferences. Everyone in the impact zone of an earthquake will be affected. Those in Malibu, Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades will be impacted in the same way as those in Compton and South Central Los Angeles.

We don’t need earthquake insurance in Texas, but we definitely need flood insurance. Houston is notorious for flooding. Any city where a couple hours of rain can produce flooding so bad that people are literally jet skiing on the express way has serious issues. Yes, we have hurricane season and the occasional tornado (a good old fashion storm shelter normally does the trick), but we don’t have to deal with the ground moving. Where in the world do you hide when the ground is moving? I’ve been told to st and in doorways because that is the strongest part of the structure. Maybe you did not hear me; the ground is moving. I tell you the ground is moving and you tell me to st and in the doorway; really?

How can people in California be so laid back when there could be an earthquake at any morning? In Texas, we at least have storm watches and warnings. As far as I know, there are no earthquake warnings. It just happens. Well, thank God for property insurance. By the way, you guys have got to come up with a better response to an earthquake than st and in the doorway.