Born with HIV – Positivity Amidst Struggle

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Born with HIV – Positivity Amidst Struggle

Being HIV-positive is a constant struggle. It is unfortunate that sometimes people are born with it, just like 12-year old Kathy. She claims she does not remember how she became HIV-positive. All she knew was that as she was growing up with people telling her that she does not deserve to live on this planet. As if that is not bad enough, she has to take several types of medicine for the rest of her life. Even as a young girl, she had dreams of living a normal life – getting her first kiss, marrying someone, settling down, and having kids in the future. However, for someone with HIV, these aspirations may often seem difficult.

Despite her condition, Kathy chooses to remain positive. This choice to remain positive is what makes her who she is and to her, that is what is important. The only downside that she experiences every day is having to take multiple medications that are nowhere near pleasant-tasting.

For patients like Kathy, the dreaded medicines are just one of the problems dealt with by those who are HIV positive. Others worry about obtaining life insurance or if it is even possible to get insurance coverage in the first place. Fortunately, because of recent medical advancements, many companies now offer insurance policies for HIV-positive patients.

To carry HIV is very stressful for the sufferer. It not only affects sufferers but people around them as well. Despite medical breakthroughs, there is still a risk of developing health complications which may eventually lead to death. Medical costs can be overwhelming for loved ones which is why life insurance for HIV-positive patients is highly encouraged.