Bad News for Insurance Agents

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Bad News for Insurance Agents

The recent ruling of the Supreme Court concerning the clarification of "Obamacare" has sounded the death knell for many agents who sell health insurance. With the m andate stating that every United States citizen must assume some type of health and medical insurance coverage over the next two years is eliminating any way for insurance agents to make a living.

Large insurance companies like Aetna and Well Point, are now having to create insurance plans to meet the needs of every American citizen. Some packages are going to be so limited in scope that an agent will be unable to make any type of commission for its sale. What does this mean for agents? It means a wave of mass firings while, their companies convert to a type of wholesale/retail business that offers products at a discounted rate. A good comparison is the electronics industry which took a huge hit when retail stores like Best Buy had a hard time competing with online retail giant,

It was hoped that the Supreme Court ruling would go in favor of the insurance agents, but it was not to be. Now thous ands of agents are scrambling, trying to salvage something from what for some has been an entire career.