Chris was shocked to find out that he was living with HIV. He had been careful, however at some point in the past it would seem he was exposed to the HIV virus. After the initial shock wore off, and he started treatment of Tivicay, he realized that life would go on. And then after a few months of taking his meds and feeling better than ever before, Chris found an issue looming over him like an ominous cloud: getting life insurance without exclusions or waiting periods for HIV+ individuals.

After scouring everything online about how to get life insurance as an HIV positive individual- supplementing what little information there is with friends who have gone through this process- Chris began emailing Susman Insurance Agency and quickly found options did exist for him to get coverage.


The Exception to All Life Insurance Rules: Covid

When you think of life insurance, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you see a picture in your head of someone who has passed away and their family members are grieving? Or do you think about people who have health issues and need coverage before they get sick or hurt themselves? Either way, it’s unlikely that covid would be on your list. Covid is an exception to all the rules when it comes to life insurance. We’ll tell you why below!

We can get your life insurance even if you have had covid 19 or other medical conditions. Our programs are designed to accept covid and people with covid 19, diabetes, cancer and many other serious health issues. We will work with you so that we find the best coverage at a price that works for you! Get a quote now by clicking here for more information about how we can help protect your family’s financial future in case of something happening to you!

Getting Insurance: Life and Disability for People Living with HIV

Did you know that HIV is the leading cause of death around the world? That’s right, even though this virus has been around for 30 years now, it still causes more deaths than any other disease. Although there are ways to prevent HIV transmission, many people living with HIV do not have access to life insurance policies. This blog post will explore how life and disability insurance can help keep your loved ones covered in case anything happens to you.

Life insurance is available for people living with HIV. Anyone living with HIV can apply to the majority of life insurance providers, even if you are on medication or have an undetectable viral load (meaning your virus count in your blood is so low it cannot be detected by lab tests). There are some specific companies that cater exclusively to this market segment because they understand how difficult it may be for someone who has been diagnosed with AIDS/HIV to get traditional coverage through another company. For many reasons beyond medical history, individuals dealing with this diagnosis find themselves having a very hard time getting accepted into regular plans offered by other companies. The stigma surrounding HIV still exists which makes marketing to these consumers quite challenging as well as making underwriting policies somewhat discriminatory.

We can get life insurance for you even if you have the HIV virus. Life is something that everyone should be insured against, so it doesn’t matter what your health status may or may not be in the present moment. As long as this has no bearing on your future health and wellness, we can find a policy to suit all of our client’s needs.

Let us get you insured today. Click here to get a quote now.

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